Saturday, June 11, 2011

Irodov Problem 4.30

The effects on the pendulum will be exactly as the net gravity acting on it were the sum of the vectors -g (upward direction is assumed to be positive) and w i.e. equal to g-w. The magnitude of these vectors is given by,

Thus, the time period is thus given by,


  1. sir i thouroughly appreciate your work but your solution list still doesn't cover up complete part 4,5,&6 of would be very helpful if you publish the other solutions as well

  2. sir u r doing a gr8!! job & v all really appreciate your work .
    I am a student of class 11th and now going for 12th . I am looking for solutions of class 12th topics , plz try to manifest these topics here as soon as possible.

  3. sorry.. this solution is wrong.its already defined vector g .simply take pseudo force.effective gravity is sum of g and - w :)

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