Friday, June 11, 2010

Irodov Problem 4.17

Similar to Problem 4.16,

At the equilibrium point xo, F=0, hence we have,

Now let us consider the motion of the particle due to a small displacement about xo. The force will be given by,

Using Taylor's series we can approximate (3) as,


  1. i didn't understood the taylor's series

  2. i got the solution of this problem by equating w*w*x=acceleration so obtained and by doing some approximations. but answer is not matching with the answer given in book.

  3. i also obtained the same answer as you obtained. But according to the edition of my irodov there is a difference of factor of square root of 2. I request you to confirm the answer

  4. Answer did not match with the 1 in my book

  5. Answer did not match with my book.